Why it’s worth it...

The industry is transforming under the influence of damage management and decreasing maintenance demand. Experts are forecasting a further 15 % drop in service needs over the next three years. So new business fields are called for.

Alloy wheel refurbishment holds great potential because:

  • dThe original wheels of the car manufacturers are getting bigger and more expensive
  • There are more and more leased vehicles, about 60 % of them registered to companies
  • The rude awakening then comes at the end of the lease when the damages and their financial regulation become an issue.
  • The end customer is always asked to pay up. His only option is to buy a new wheel (e.g. 850 Euro for AUDI) – or to have it refurbished (about 300 Euro)

Professional alloy wheel refurbishment therefore helps the end customer to save trouble and cash – and the car repair shop to generate new revenue Especially for tyre changing and storage time.


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