The professional and fast way to the perfect alloy wheel

Washing. Refurbishing. Grinding. Painting. These work steps on the alloy wheel used to take a good two hours and more. And, despite the enormous amount of time, the result – especially for diamond cut wheels – was not always satisfactory. However, the WheelMaster system from CARTEC has revolutionised alloy wheel refurbishment. The development of special machines and the combination of individual technologies have created a product family that offers absolute perfection and precision with maximum time saving. This makes wheel refurbishment a lucrative business model. Especially with diamond cut makes.

A perfect result within an average 30 minutes for painted alloy wheels and 45 minutes for diamond cut wheels. That’s no problem with the components of the WheelMaster system. The motto is machine instead of hand. And it applies not only to wheel washing, the professional removal of notches and scratches, to wheel grinding (matting) or subsequent painting. Innovative technologies and perfectly adapted machines produce results that have never been seen before – bringing huge potential for generating more revenue with each revolution of the wheel. Whether it's a case of seasonal wheel storage, lease returns or the everyday used car business.



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