Clear Up Headlamp Refurbishment

Keeping perspective

Plastic headlamp covers weather and become dull over the years. Because permanent exposure to the sun and impact from stones destroys the protective UV-coating and ultimately “blind” the headlamp.

The intensity is reduced by up to 70 per cent which, in turn, increases the accident risk - especially at night. The TÜV test certificate is also at stake. With the new “Clear-up” headlamp refurbishment system plus ceramic UV long-term protection from CARTEC, car drivers regain their sight - and workshops get a simple and profitable repair possibility.

10-Year UV stability determined based on extensive laboratory tests under extreme weather conditions - made possible by the special ceramic UV long-term protection which also remains temperature-stable up to 850 °C. Not even car washes can impress the ceramic coating on the headlamps.


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