Clever repairs with Smart Repair

The term Smart Repair describes repair methods used to remove minor damages on vehicles. The abbreviation SMART stands for “Small Middle Area Repair Technologies”, i.e. Repair technologies for small to middle areas. But this type of repair is also smart in the sense of clever. Because the costs are lower than with conventional methods or replacement by new parts and offer a low-cost alternative for workshop customers. Smart Repair is definitely worth it for car repair shops because almost every car gathers small and large blemishes in time.

CARTEC is one of the first Smart Repair specialists and offers 15 systems for professional repair of minor damage at the moment in which 1,500 companies all over Germany place their trust. Here you will find a small selection of our products. If your damage case is not among them – just give us a call. We have a clever solution waiting for almost everything.

Details about the Smart Repair systems


Smart Repair directory:

As a CARTEC partner your company will be listed in the Smartrepair-Verzeichnis. End customers can therefore find you quickly and easily with a Web or postcode search.