Professional alloy wheel refurbishment

About 600 partner companies now rely on the TÜV-certified WheelDoctor and the possibility to generate more revenue by the professional removal of damages in alloy wheels approved according to the specifications of renowned car manufacturers. And the number is increasing. Because alloy wheel refurbishment using the special machine developed and produced by CARTEC is a low-cost and safe alternative to the expensive option of buying new wheels - and for the WheelDoctor specialist companies, it is a worthwhile investment in a lucrative market.

The TÜV-certified WheelDoctor for professional alloy wheel refurbishment may be used to repair damages up to 1 mm deep in the base metal.

This is how it works:

  • The damaged alloy wheel is clamped onto the WheelDoctor with a central lock. In most cases it is not necessary to remove the tyre.
  • Then comes the core of the work - the professional removal of scratches or notches with rotary grinding methods using different grinding wheels.
  • The gimballed, fully moving arm allows optimum grinding – even in difficult areas and with a permanently good view of the place being machined.
  • For painted wheels, the appropriate colour is applied to the rims. Finally, a clear coat is applied for surface sealing. Job done!
  • Diamond cut alloy wheels regain their premium lathe-groove structure by means of the special WheelDoctor structure pad technology which is not a metal-cutting process.

One way or another. The wheel looks as good as new at the end of the day – and the elimination of the notch effect restores driving safety.


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