Alloy wheels are absolute safety components. Therefore, the wheels may only be processed with utmost caution and expertise.

CARTEC has more than 25 years of experience in this field and has set important safety standards:

  • The WheelDoctor process was tested intensively for three years at the TÜV-Süd in Garching (one year together with AUDI).
  • Scientific knowledge of the resilience of processed alloy wheels was gained from tests such as the rim flange pressure test and the all-round bending test with addition of sodium hydroxide solution. Only maximum stresses as far as breakage of the rim can provide information about up to what damage depth alloy wheels can still be processed safely or when it becomes critical to illegal.
  • The CARTEC limit value catalogue which clearly defines what is allowed for alloy wheel refurbishment and what is not was compiled after this test process.
  • In their Technical Report on the influence of damage and refurbishment on the operational resilience of alloy wheels, Report No. 76232807-1 of 7/8/2008, the TÜV confirms: …, “that, with compliance with the CARTEC limit value catalogue for damages, the operational resilience of wheels processed with the WheelDoctor method is not impaired.”
  • Therefore, the WheelDoctor can only be purchased in connection with the Training courses for professional and safe alloy wheel refurbishment.


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