Skilfully Repairing Plastic

It does not take much to damage the bumper. Light parking pumps can already cause scratches, dents and cracks. Workshops often do not repair these damages; they prefer to fit a new bumper. But that’s expensive. And customers do not want to pay 500 Euro or more. The alternative here is: Smart Repair instead of part replacement. With the ProKuR® system from CARTEC Autotechnik Fuchs GmbH plastic can be repaired easily and skilfully. Totally without the usual drying, adherence or grinding problems.

Investigations by renowned car manufacturers and test organisations have proven that professionally repaired plastic parts are equal to new parts in stability, function and appearance. The ProKuR® technology for all 52 types of plastic was developed in cooperation with leading plastic producers is unique on the market in this form. Extremely quick drying polyurethane glues PU 750 can be ground well after 8 minutes. The Finish Epoxy glues FE 850/ES 851 can also be ground perfectly after a short time – without cracks at the joint.

An important product advantage of the CARTEC technology is the flexibility adapted to plastic parts. The vibration behaviour of the cars in daily driving is not affected.

Repair system with a history

CARTEC Autotechnik Fuchs is one of the pioneers in plastic repair and has been supplying well-known car manufacturers in the Stuttgart region for decades. The products are used, for example, for gluing carbon fibre parts in DTM racing cars or interior parts in armoured limousines for personal security. But the Smart Repair experts are also present today in professional painting schools. Thomas Wulff from the Badischen Maler- und Lackiererfachschule, responsible for training master craftsmen: “We have been working with CARTEC now for 27 years and, as far as we know, there is no plastic repair product range which can match the many application possibilities of the ProKuR® products.”


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